Custom Building. In addition to producing a structure that is elegant and functional, I strive to incorporate the very latest in Building Science Technology into every project that I build.  The benefits to you are significantly increased comfort and efficiency for the life of your Building. Building Science The science of how all components of a building work together has become known as Building Science or a Systems Approach. The Systems Approach is a method of design, construction, inspection and testing that considers how all building components interact, including the foundation, walls, roofs, doors, windows, insulation and mechanical systems. Building Science consists of the following principles: (1) creating a continuous air barrier in conjunction with proper mechanical ventilation; (2) thermal resistance (3) moisture management; (4) improving indoor air quality; (5) appropriate heating and air conditioning system. Icynene® helps building and design professionals practice Building Science techniques with ease. For instance, as both an insulation and air barrier, Icynene® minimizes air leakage and creates tighter buildings. Tighter buildings and controlled ventilation can save up to 50% in energy costs.  A tighter building often results in the downsizing of heating/cooling equipment for even greater savings. Using less energy to heat and cool a building also means that Icynene® helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions for a healthier planet.